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    Bulawayo Agenda
    August 25, 2010

    Matabeleland North

    Attendance - More than 50 people attended the meeting in Sivomo area in Nkayi. Reports say that there could have been more people if only they had not been given a wrong date. More people gathered at the venue when the meeting was scheduled to be held the next day prompting people to stay at home the following day.

    Electoral Systems - There were suggestions to use the first past the post system while some felt that the hybrid system would be more democratic.

    Systems of government - Communities felt that devolution of power was the best system of governance that will enable them to develop their area.

    The Executive - They agreed that there should be a president without executive powers and they did not want a prime minister. It was also said that ministers should not be members of parliament.

    Youth - It was said that the youths should be people who are from the ages of 18-35. It was also suggested that youths must have the right to education, and employment.


    Attendance - Reports say that there are people who have been attending meetings in different venues since Friday and have been noted as the same people who ruin meetings by causing commotion. Yesterday, a meeting was held in Zhombe Area. It is alleged that a tall girl who drives a car without number plates has been noted to have been attending all the meetings that have been held since Friday.

    Systems of government - The issue of devolution of power was agreed upon without much disagreement.

    Electoral systems - There were converging ideas as people agreed that the hybrid system is the most suitable to accommodate all the other parties that would be in government.

    Bill of Rights - It was agreed that the bill of rights must be enshrined in the constitution so that the people of Zimbabwe are protected. Freedoms of expression, association and assembly have been mentioned as important and deserving prime attention.

    Matabeleland South

    All teams are taking a break in preparation for the commencement of Mangwe Outreach process today.

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