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    Bulawayo Agenda
    August 24, 2010

    Matabeleland North

    Attendance - Over 80 people attended the outreach meeting in Bidi Primary School, South West of Maphisa. It is reported that the meeting had more women who were more vocal than men.

    Languages - Communities said that they would like Kalanga to be taught at schools. They also said that people should be allowed in courts to speak in their mother tongue.

    Citizenship - The house was divided over the issues with some people saying that they want dual citizenship while others felt that a person can only be a citizen of one country.

    The Executive - It was agreed that the country must have a president with shared executive authority between the parliament and other arms of state to achieve separation of powers.

    Independent Commissions - The people of Bidi said that there should be an independent election, land, Human Rights Commission. They also said that there must be a gender commission that will monitor gender inequalities in every sector of the government.

    Land - they agreed that land should be redistributed to benefit the locals.

    Matabeleland North

    Attendance - Meetings were held in Ingwilathi and Setshanke Primary School where 152 and 21 people attended respectively. In Ingwilathi it is said that all groups were represented and women were more vocal than others.

    The Executive - It was agreed that ministers should not be Members of Parliament and MPs must not be appointed. They said that crossing the floor must not be allowed in the constitution as long as someone would have been voted for in one party.

    The Judiciary - Communities said that judges should be not be appointed but placed according to merit

    Legislature - It was agreed that the there must be one house of parliament

    Citizenship - Communities agreed on dual citizenship.

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