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    Bulawayo Agenda
    August 18, 2010

    Matabeleland North

    Attendance - The outreach process was held in Banyandavu Area in Lupane where the attendance was slightly higher than other areas in the province. It is said that the audience was balanced with women, men and youths participating fully in the making of the new constitution.

    Citizenship - The house agreed that there is need for dual citizenship as some of their relatives are residents in other countries. They said that these people must be allowed to reside in other countries while they remain citizens of Zimbabwe.

    Systems of government - The community agreed that devolution of power is their preferred system of government as they felt that it will benefit their province which they feel has always been sidelined.

    Women and Gender - The community unanimously agreed that there should be reserved seats for women so that they are also emancipated.

    Matabeleland South

    Attendance - The outreach process was held in Silongwe Area where almost a hundred people attended to air their views. It is reported that fear and intimidation was rife as only a handful were more active in speaking than others. There was a noticeable trend of people looking at certain individuals to air their views. Villagers had nothing to say on traditional leaders and independent commissions. Nothing was recorded on the two subject matters.

    Systems of Government - In Silongwe, community members were divided between devolution and the unitary system. Those who supported the unitary system emphasised that power must be vested in the president and the central government.

    Electoral Systems- First past the post system was mentioned as the preferred system in the election.

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