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    Bulawayo Agenda
    August 16, 2010

    Matabeleland North

    Attendance - Reports from the province indicate that the attendance of the community to the outreach meetings is generally low as compared to other areas that have been covered. It is said that communities are generally less prepared for the meetings. Yesterday, the outreach meeting was conducted in Mafa Village.

    Public Finance - Mafa community members expressed the need for state resources disbursement to reach all districts. They also said that banking services must be accessible in all areas instead of the current situation where one has to travel to a centre to get to a bank.

    Systems of government - Devolution of power remains the preferred system of government as most community members say that it is ideal in achieving fair distribution of resources with provincial governments managing their areas.

    Arms of State - Reports say that there were strong and unanimous sentiments of people rejecting the reservation of seats in parliament for women. Community members who declined the emancipation of women said that developments must be achieved through merit.

    Matabeleland South

    Attendance - On Saturday no meeting was held due to counter attractions in Bhibhi Area. Community members were torn between attending a traditional ceremony and attending a football tournament staged by the Speaker of Parliament, Lovemore Moyo on the same day as the outreach meetings. The outreach teams are reported to have set another date for the same meeting since only 30 people had attended while the rest of the village was absent. Noteworthy is that it is said that meetings in Mat South are taking shorter than usual.

    However, on the previous day (Friday), a meeting was held in Bhewula where over a 100 people attended the outreach meeting. They expressed a wish for devolution of power, first past the post, Traditional leaders to be responsible for the land and environment and the age range of 17-35 years for youths.


    Attendance - The outreach process ahs covered Mberengwa East and West namely Gwemombe, Mwembe, and Ngungumbane among other areas. There has been a high turnout of communities in this province although reports say that there are signs of fear and intimidation as the same people keep talking while others applaud or sometimes merely look on.

    Systems of Government - There have been a divided house with some people advocating for devolution of power while others want the current unitary system.

    The Executive - some community members said that they prefer a president with executive powers to appoint other officials in government. They also said that they want the prime minister to be appointed by the president of the majority party. However, others said that they prefer separation of powers which will see that each arm of the state is accountable and has equal power to others.

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