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    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    August 11, 2010

    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition held a consultative constitutional review meeting at the London Metropolitan University in London, United Kingdom on 7 August 2010 to update Zimbabweans in the Diaspora on the COPAC process and also to assess the involvement of 'diasporans' in the process.

    The meeting which was attended by 30 people (five women and 25 men) was led in partnership with the Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Interface (ZDDI) chaired by legal scholar, Dr. Alex Magaisa who also addressed meeting. Crisis Coalition was represented by Arnold Chamunongwa (Chairperson- Youth Committee), Dewa Mavhinga (Regional Information and Advocacy Coordinator) and Pedzisai Ruhanya (Programs Manager). Representatives of the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU), Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and ZANU PF attended the meeting and made contributions in line with their party positions.

    Way Foward

    Dr. Magaisa outlined the history of constitutional reforms in Zimbabwe from 1923 when the then Southern Rhodesia formed the Responsible Government to Constitutional Amendment Number 19 which created the Inclusive Government. His most critical point was that constitutions are born out of struggles and that Zimbabweans at home and abroad should push to have their views respected especially at the drafting stage of the process. It was therefore suggested that the Diaspora should do the following:

    • Engage with Zimbabwean groups that are participating in the process to make sure that their concerns are captured
    • Pressurize the Zimbabwean government to ensure Diaspora Vote
    • The ZANU PF supporters suggested that the Kariba Draft be the guiding document on the constitutional making process
    • Have massive outreach programs in the UK on Constitutional reforms
    • Lobby progressive people in the Inclusive government to ensure that the Diaspora views inform the process
    • Engage the President and Prime Minister's Offices to validate the views of the Diaspora in the referendum
    • Have a consolidated position paper on views of the Diaspora and present it to COPAC

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