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  • Weekly report 19-25 July 2010
    Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN), Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) Independent Constitution Monitoring Project (ZZZICOMP)
    August 06, 2010

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    1. Introduction

    This weekly report presents an update on outreach-related experiences from 19 July to 25 July. It highlights the successes and challenges noted by ZZZICOMP observers on the outreach processes during the period under review.

    2. Observations

    High Attendance Cases [Above 100 people]

    The period under review witnessed visible increases in cases of "high attendance" at outreach meetings in all provinces save for Matebeleland North and Matebeleland South. Of the 273 outreach meetings that were conducted in the period, 80.2% [219] were "high attendance" cases while 19.8% [54] were "low attendance" cases. ZZZICOMP applauds these developments with the hope that this will translate into an equally corresponding improvement in participation levels at outreach meetings.

    Overall increase in outreach participants

    A total of 58 566 people were recorded as having attended outreach meetings in the period under review compared to the 30 364 recorded in the first 12 days of July. Though with varying degrees, this increase was manifest in almost all the eight provinces with 31.8% [12 763] in Mashonaland Central, 30.8% [12 358] in Mashonaland West, 13.7% [5 487] in Manicaland and 14.2% [5 702] in Midlands. However, the Matebleleland region remained generally in the low figure zone with 3.8% [1 544] in Matebeleland North and 2.7 % [1 087] in Matebeleland South [See Figure 1].

    Increase in Youth Participants

    The period under review also experienced an increase in youths attendance, records increasing from 6162 recorded in the first 12 days of July to 21 918 in the current period. This increase in youth attendances was visible in six provinces that include Mashonaland Central with 26%, Masvingo with 23.1%, Mashonaland West with 20.3%, Mashonaland East with 12.8%, Manicaland with 9%, and Midlands 6.2%. However youth attendance remained low in Matebeleland region with 2.8 % in Matebeleland North and 1.9% in Matebeleland South. [See Figure 2].

    In Mashonaland West, high youth attendance cases included meetings that were held on 22 July at Mutorashanga in Ward 15 of Zvimba North where out of the 546 people in attendance, 154 were youths; on 24 July at Kutama Farm Primary School in Ward 21 of Zvimba East where out of the 340 in attendance, 110 were youths; on 23 July at Grey Court Primary School in Ward 34 of Zvimba North where 140 of the 380 participants in attendance were youths, on 24 July at Magwa Farm in Ward 19 of Zvimba East where out of 350 in attendance, 120 were youths; on 25 July at Nyambara Primary School in Ward 26 of Zvimba East where out of the 376 people who attended, 180 were youths; and also on 19 July at Mumvovu Primary School in Zvimba East where out of 590 in attendance, 200 were youths.

    For further information and comments please contact the ZZZICOMP at Email:, Hotlines:+263 916 404256-9 /+263 916 404292

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