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  • Resolutions of the NCA Strategic Indaba
    National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
    July 27, 2010

    Rainbow Towers

    The National Constitutional Assembly held its strategic planning meeting at the Rainbow Towers Harare to refine its roadmap in the struggle for a new genuinely people driven constitution for Zimbabwe, from the 24 to the 26th of July 2010. 300 delegates from all the ten provinces including the National Task Force, constituency leaders, provincial chairpersons attended.

    After thorough deliberations touching on the internal and external factors affecting organisation, the Indaba made the following resolutions:

    1. That the NCA reiterates its total rejection of the COPAC process.

    2. In view of the obvious fact that the COPAC process cannot produce a democratic and people driven constitution, the NCA is intensifying its campaign for a NO VOTE should a referendum be called. This campaign cannot wait for the content of the COPAC draft, as it is clear that the politicians in the GPA are not interested in producing a democratic constitution for Zimbabwe.

    3. The campaign will be under the Take-Charge banner and will include extensive grassroots civic education, public meetings, road shows and demonstrations

    4. The main purpose for this campaign is to subject the constitution making process in Zimbabwe to public scrutiny with a view to entrenching the principle that constitutions are made by and for the people.

    5. That the NCA will continue to be bound by the resolutions of historical positions and processes that the organisation has participated in, these include resolutions of the National Working People's Convention, 1st and 2nd People's Constitutional Convention, the Zimbabwe People's Charter.


    Aware that some civic groups have joined the parliamentary led flawed constitutional making process,

    The meeting therefore:

    1. Resolves that the NCA will work with similar minded organisations like the ZCTU and ZINASU and individuals in Zimbabwe in striving to establish; -

    a. A new tolerant, transparent and democratic, political, social and economic order

    b. A new constitutional framework upon which governance can be founded.

    2. Call upon civil society to be resolute and not to be seen as an appendage of the inclusive regime as we saw in the rush to blindly support the flawed process.

    Noting that the NCA was purely dependent on western donor resources and having realised that the situation was now compromising the NCA position.

    The meeting therefore:

    1. Resolves that the NCA shall not be dependent on donor funds and therefore calls upon the membership to pay subscriptions to sustain the organisation

    2. Directs the organisation to re-organise itself, rationalise its structures, embark on an intensive membership recruitment drive, realigning the organisation to its founding values and traditions namely building mass membership and ensuring that all structures are fully functional.

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