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  • Taking the Constitution to Hwedza
    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    July 23, 2010

    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition held a community outreach meeting on the constitution on Friday 23 July at Hwedza Inn under the VOICE UP campaign. The Campaign seeks to enhance residents input in the constitution and to ensure that people make informed decisions and contributions.

    Speakers at the meeting included Mr Chinoofumbuka from Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZIMRIGHTS), Mr Trevor Murai from the Students Solidarity Trust (SST), Ms Memory Kadau (Crisis) and Mr Nixon Nyikadzino (Crisis). The meeting was attended by 47 residents of Ward 15. The meeting began with an evaluation exercise on resident's knowledge on what a constitution is and various issues in the constitution, for example, systems of government, socio-economic rights and independent commissions. Participants were also given update on the ongoing constitution making process and what is taking place in other areas.

    The issue of dual citizenship sparked a heated debate on whether Zimbabwe should allow dual citizenship. At least half of the participants, mainly the elderly opposed dual citizenship. The discussion unpacked the merits and demerits of dual citizenship.

    The following are some of issues that emerged during the meetings.

    • Right to education - The need to have this right justiciable in order for citizens to be able to hold government to account in terms of delivering quality and affordable education.
    • What is a young person - The recommended age is between 15-35 years although there was a discussion on raising this age to 18-35 years.
    • There should be equal opportunities for male and female youths
    • The terms of presidency should be limited to two
    • Number of parliamentarians should be limited
    • The government should ensure that perpetrators of violence are brought to book.
    • Are there any guarantees that the people's views will be respected?

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