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  • COPAC completely useless: Dr Madhuku
    National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
    July 13, 2010

    Revered constitutional lawyer and National Chairperson of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) Dr Lovemore Madhuku has dismissed the ongoing constitutional reform process being undertaken by the Constitutional Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC) of parliament as complete loss of time and resources.

    Madhuku lashed at the process and described it as useless and a money making scheme by politicians during a quill speak discussion at the Quill Club yesterday evening where Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa of Zanu PF and Deputy minister of Women's Affairs Jessie Majome were part of the panel.

    Dr Madhuku said that COPAC was wasting resources which could be used for the development of the nation while engaging in their useless process which has already been marred by logistical problems.

    "What the COPAC is doing can only be described as completely useless and nothing else basing from the reports we have been getting from the outreach exercise. The writing of a country's constitution is a very important process and that can only be achieved through an all inclusive process and led by an independent commission and not the politicians of the day," said Dr Madhuku.

    Madhuku maintained the NCA's position to challenge the outcome of the process and added , "As the NCA we will continue providing civic education to the people of Zimbabwe about what constitutionalism is all about".

    The NCA leader further stated that events have clearly shown that COPAC has failed the first test (process) adding that the NCA was now waiting to see whether COPAC will pass the next test which would be the content of the final draft.

    "These guys (COPAC) have completely failed the first test. As NCA we are eagerly waiting to scrutinise the final draft, which we firmly believe will be a flawed document," said Dr Madhuku.

    He further told journalist and other members of the civil society who attended the discussion that the NO vote campaign will be premised on the shortcomings of "both the process and content".

    In 2000 the NCA successfully campaigned for the rejection of the Chidyausiku constitution which was written by the then ruling party. The quill speak was organised by Media Institute of Southern Africa Zimbabwe Chapter in conjunction with the Quill club and was attended by several journalists, diplomats and activists.

    Justice Minister Chinamasa maintained Zanu PF's position that the former ruling party will continue to support the Kariba Draft and opting to blame the country's economic and political woes to the land question.

    COPAC representative Majome told the journalist that the issues around the writing of the Constitution would be between interest groups and stakeholders fighting for their position to be included into the supreme law of the country.

    Majome equated the writing of a constitution to what happens during election time.

    The NCA is currently running the Take Charge Campaign that is calling for a total rejection of the government sham process and calling for a genuine people driven constitution.

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