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  • NANGO welcomes COPAC's decision to involve CSO in observing outreach meetings
    National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations in Zimbabwe (NANGO)
    July 07, 2010

    NANGO welcomes COPAC acceding to the involvement of civil society organisations in observing the constitutional outreach process. On Tuesday 6 July 2010, a meeting was held between civil society and COPAC at the Senate Chambers to engage on the issue of civil society participation in observing the constitutional outreach meetings countrywide. Consequently, COPAC and civil society have agreed on a number of issues to guide the constitutional outreach meetings as outlined below:

    1. Civil Society is free to deploy observers to the constitutional outreach process.

    2. All observers shall be volunteers nominated by a member organisation of NANGO.

    3. All observers will be issued with accreditation cards identifying them, this will be used in the event of enquiry.

    4. Observers and their organisations shall adhere to a comprehensive code of conduct to govern the conduct and ethics of the observers agreed upon by civil society and COPAC.

    5. Civil society will have the space to present their observations on the outreach meetings to COPAC, channelling these through NANGO.

    6. Weekly briefings will be conducted between civil society and COPAC.

    7. All civil society organisations can conduct civic education programmes freely without hindrance in all areas before outreach meetings are conducted.

    Visit the NANGO fact sheet

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