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    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    July 01, 2010

    Matabeleland North

    Meetings which were scheduled to take place in Hwange Urban, Matabeleland North at ZESA social club (Ward 1) and Main Camp (Ward 2) failed to take off today, 2 July 2010 owing to the absence of participants. A monitor, who was at the venue, revealed that residents of both wards were unaware of the meetings adding that even managers of the two venues were in the dark about proceedings. The outreach team was forced to reschedule these two meetings.

    Yesterday, a meeting was held at Sinamatela camp (Ward 2) in Hwange from 1000 to 1500hrs.The meeting attracted between 160 and 200 people and was marked by robust debates owing to the conducive environment. The following issues were discussed at length;

    i) Land tenure- Some participants advocated for 99 year leases while others advocated for title deeds.
    ii) Citizenship- There was heated debate on whether a person born in Zimbabwe with foreign citizenship should be considered a Zimbabwean.
    iii) The media and electoral processes with participants denouncing violence.
    Mashonaland Central

    The Outreach meeting was held at Civic Centre in Bindura from 1100 to 1426 hours. 45 people attended (18 women, 18 men and 9 youths). The low attendance was attributed to poor publicity while some residents failed to attend as the meeting was held during working hours. It is also alleged that most participants who attended the meeting were bused to the venue. Participants demonstrated lack of knowledge on issues which include transitional mechanisms and systems of governance. Monitors pointed out that the meeting was characterized by lack of debate with participants agreeing on nearly everything.

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