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  • Violence and intimidation on the rise ahead of the COPAC outreach meetings
    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    June 23, 2010

    The Coalition notes with dismay the continued intimidation of citizens of the COPAC outreach meetings which were scheduled to kick off today, 23 June 2010. This is despite the fact that the process should allow for the full participation of Zimbabweans regardless of their gender, age and political affiliation. The level of violence and intimidation in the most rural areas is resorted t o be on the increase especially in the Mashonaland provinces. Allegations arising are that some ZANU PF supporters have indicated that soon after the world cup they will engage in a vicious campaign similar to that of June 27 2008 in order to "stamp out any defiant individuals"

    These revelations were made during a community outreach meeting by the Crisis In Zimbabwe Coalition on Monday the 21st of June 2010 at Chemapango village in Murehwa district. Scores of people who attended the meeting pointed out that the Constitution making process is marred by threats, intimidation and violence as the people in the area are being ordered not to talk when the consultations begin. More so participants highlighted that village headman in the area were given the mandate by ZANU PF to select 17 people from their villages who are to be instructed on what to say when the outreach teams visit their different areas. It is also alleged that a list of nominees for this task has already been drawn up and those not on the list have been threatened with dearth if they air out their views.

    At another Crisis Coalition meeting that took place on the 22nd of June in Uzumba district, people indicated that they were not going to participate in the constitution making process because they feared for their lives. They indicated that they would rather boycott the consultative process and any other political gathering in order to ensure their safety. The few people who were brave enough to attend the public meeting refused to take fliers and t-shirts which the Coalition Team was distributing stating that they would become targets of violence. The catalyst is readily informed that at the time they were holding this public meeting, the ZANU PF leadership in the area was also having a caucus meeting, a move which was solely meant to bar people from attending the public meeting.

    In Mudzi, four households belonging to a Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters were burnt down in Ganjanda village on Saturday the 20th of June. One of the victims, Mr. Maunga (not his real name) alleges that the suspects who burnt his house were under instruction from member of parliament Newton Kachepa and one Aqualina Katsande. Maunga who is now staying with a close friend noted that "the perpetrators want to ensure that people are discouraged from participating in the constitution making process by all means necessary." He also highlighted that ZANU PF supporters have mounted bases across the district for this purpose.

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