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  • Kariba draft constitution with an African blueprint
    VanaBantwana beDzimbahwe
    May 26, 2010

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    Prepared with reference to the Kariba Draft Constitution (Annexure B to Power-Sharing Agreement of 15th September 2008) in only as far as a reference for Standard Constitutional Sections, implying that the proposed African Blueprint shall suit any constitution that comes out of the People of Zimbabwe.

    Sections of the referenced Kariba Draft Constitution or similar sections in any other draft which have not been referred to or amended in this proposal shall remain as they are.

    Constitution of Zimbabwe with an African blue print


    "Add the following to the existing Preamble"

    Acknowledging that with the current global trend of growing corruption, greed or general moral decadence, lack of sincerity and trust, rise in hypocrisy among humankind and general rise in poverty among ordinary people or the voters, a non-conventional approach to governance and democracy is now a critical requirement than eve r before,

    Acknowledging that Zimbabwe, the land of our fathers is wholly African country and cannot be administered by law foreign to Zimbabwe but by laws inherent in African culture or Unhu/Ubuntu,

    Acknowledging the supremacy and efficacy of African culture or Unhu/Ubuntu in morality, hospitality, general goodliness, sincerity, judicial system, governance system and leadership selection among other attributes, such aspects of African culture can be appreciated not necessarily by strangers but by Zimbabweans to enact provisions of African culture in the constitution,

    Recognizing that African culture or Unhu/Ubuntu in general has accorded our fathers guiltlessness among all nations of the world in areas of but not limited to being no party to annexation of foreign territory, not starting any known conflict, having no hand in proliferation of arms of barbarism (chemical, biological and nuclear) and being the most peaceful people for reason of Unhu/Ubuntu, African people must be seen enacting provisions of African culture to inspire other nations of the world,

    Acknowledging that the northern democracy model and justice system in application in Zimbabwe are based on northern models which may be prone to human errors of judgement, manipulation and are administered at a cost to the fiscus, it is of immeasurable benefits in cost and efficacy to institute African Democracy Model referred to hereafter as Matonjeni Democracy for Leadership Selection, and justice, Legislature and Governance systems with an African blue print,

    Acknowledging cost benefits of employing the cost free Matonjeni Democracy Model in leadership selection visa vis financing the current Electoral Administration and legislature by ploughing into the constituents money and resources gained or saved to construct dams, irrigation schemes, small business loans for ordinary people to start their own businesses,

    Recognizing the important role played by cabinet in managing the business aspect of the country by employing the most qualified professionals or experts on the Zimbabwean market by floating all cabinets posts on the job market through the media and also considering the fact that true leaders and professionals find politics too base to engage.

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