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  • New Constitution-making process - Index of articles

  • Views from Gokwe, Zhombe and Silobela
    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    April 08, 2010

    1. Founding principles of the constitution

    • Everyone shall be equal before the law regardless of political affiliation or
    • Amendments to the constitution should go through a referendum

    2. Traditional Institutions and Customs

    • Chiefs and headman should be non partisan
    • Chiefs shall not sit in Parliament

    3. Separation of powers

    The Executive

    • There should be two five year Presidential terms only
    • The president shall be accountable to parliament
    • The President should be between 35 and 60 years

    The Legislature

    • People should have powers to recall Members of Parliament if they fail to

    The Judiciary

    • Judiciary should be impartial
    • The Judiciary Council, which will be responsible for appointing judges, shall
      be appointed by the Parliament on merit

    4. Executive organs of the state

    • The police and army should be non partisan
    • Cabinet posts should be a maximum of 15

    5. Religion

    • Church leaders should be apolitical
    • Religious practices that suppress children's rights should be banned

    6. Citizenship and Bill of Rights

    • The rights of prisoners should be upheld regardless of the extent of their
    • The constitution should guarantee the freedom of association
    • The right to employment should be guaranteed in the constitution
    • Socio-economic rights should be justiciable
    • Children should be awarded passports, national identifications and birth
      certificates at birth
    • The elderly should be given security allowances for their upkeep
    • The under privileged and orphans should also be given security allowances

    7. Transitional mechanisms and Independent Commissions

    • Commissioners shall have relevant qualifications and should be appointed by
      Parliament on merit as opposed to political affiliation

    8. Public Finance

    • The Reserve Bank governor shall be appointed by Parliament and should
      remain apolitical
    • Public funds should be administered transparently and disbursement done
      after public consultations

    9. Youth, land, natural resources and empowerment

    • Youth should be given funds to start self sustaining projects
    • People should be awarded title deeds to their homes and pieces of land
    • Youth training camps should be vocational centers
    • The youth shall occupy a quarter of positions in parliament.
    • Land audit shall be undertaken and the constitution shall guarantee one man
      one farm for all Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliation.

    10. Systems of governance

    • The constitution shall guarantee decentralization of power to smaller towns
      across Zimbabwe
    • There should be a Parliament only and no Senate

    11. Differently abled

    • The differently abled should l be given monthly security allowances
    • Special classes for the differently abled shall be compulsory in each school

    12. Elections

    • The constitution should guarantee freedom of association and movement
      during elections
    • Election results should be released within 24 hours after election
    • The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission shall be appointed by Parliament
    • People should only vote with their national identification cards only
    • Equal air time should be allocated to contesting parties
    • Police should not be near polling stations during elections
    • As a means of creating opportunities and empowerment, youth should be
      given the mandate to conduct civic education prior to and officiate during
    • The army and police should not vote in their barracks or camps but should
      vote at designated polling stations to freely exercise their voting rights

    13. Languages

    • All languages should be acknowledged and respected
    • Children should learn their mother languages

    14. Labor

    • Salaries should be above the poverty datum line
    • Workers should be able to go on an industrial action after a notice of 24
    • People should not be discriminated at work on the grounds of their health
    • Women should be allowed fully paid maternity leave

    15. Women and gender issues

    • Men should not pay lobola
    • 50/50 opportunities for men and women should be based on merit

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