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    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    March 10, 2010


    On the 4th of March Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition held a community meeting at Mupunyuri in Guruve, which was attended by 47 people; 31 males and 16 females. Participants at the meeting expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of progress in the Constitution Making Process with specific reference to the failure by COPA to conduct outreach meetings. One participant highlighted that there is no guarantee that Zimbabweans will write a document that truly reflects their aspirations. Participants also queried whether guarantees of Freedom of Expression would be existent during the consultation phase.

    The following issues were raised at the meeting:

    Separation of powers

    • The three arms of the State should operate independently
    • There should be checks and balances within the three organs

    Systems of governance

    • There should be devolution of powers to the local government


    • The media should be apolitical
    • The media should celebrate minority languages and safeguard the Zimbabwean culture

    Citizenship and bill of rights

    • Foreign citizens who reside in Zimbabwe for more than five years should participate and should be recognized as legitimate citizens
    • Socio-economic and cultural rights should be justiciable
    • Foreign citizens should be allowed to practise their culture for as long as it does not violate other people's rights

    Women and gender

    • Women should be able to acquire birth certificates for their children regardless of the presence or absence of the children's fathers
    • Women should get equal access to land and other natural resources
    • The girl child should be empowered


    • Education should be affordable to all
    • There should not be bias towards females in the selection of students at schools and universities

    Traditional Institutions and customs

    • Chiefs and headmen should be non partisan

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