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Mass-scale corruption at Chitungwiza town council in Zimbabwe - government urged to recover all stollen assets and confiscate ill-gotten wealth
Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa
February 12, 2010

ACT-Southern Africa is disturbed by the revelations of mass-scale and systematic looting of resources by Local Councillors of the Chitungwiza Town Council in Zimbabwe. The Councillors have been implicated in illegal and corrupt sale of housing stands and the rampant barter exchange of housing stands for vehicles. ACT-Southern Africa is calling upon the Government of Zimbabwe to take action against the culprits and facilitate stolen assets recovery and confiscation of ill-gotten wealth.

On the 10th day of February 2010, ACT-Southern Africa petitioned the Right Hon. Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai to take action against all those implicated in this mass-scale looting and abuse of power, office and authority in a transparent and open manner.

Commenting on the situation, Mr. Alouis Munyaradzi Chaumba, the Interim President of ACT-Southern Africa- Zimbabwe Chapter said. "One of the problems in our midst is that politicians use politics to gain power and authority that they always abuse for personal enrichment. Just looking around not only in Zimbabwe, you will see politicians who are now driving expensive cars, putting on expensive clothes, running businesses and acquiring properties which contrasts their situations before election into power. They should be reminded that they have been elected to serve the people who elected them into power and nothing else." He says.

The steps that will be taken by the Government of Zimbabwe will either encourage or discourage corruption in Zimbabwe. All those implicated in corruption should be punished severely and even much more severe because of the fact that they were supposed to be role models.

"The Right Hon. Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and relevant authorities are strongly encouraged to take action in this case. In fact, our stance as ACT-Southern Africa is that the government must take action and if not we are all prepared to force the government to comply through other means. Gone are the years and times when the people watch countries being destroyed" says Mr. Chaumba

ACT-Southern Africa's letter to the Office of the Prime Minister was served and a response has not yet been received.

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