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  • MDC to begin consultations on pulling out of unity govt
    Lance Guma, SW Radio Africa
    September 18, 2009

    The MDC says it will begin a series of consultations and feedback rallies this weekend to assess whether to remain in the shaky power-sharing government with ZANU PF. In a press statement issued Friday the party said it would consult its supporters and 'the people of Zimbabwe . . . on the progress and the challenges facing the inclusive government.' Starting this weekend 9 major rallies have been lined up across the country, with a least 39 ward consultations in six provinces meant to gauge the feeling of its members.

    The MDC said this 'engagement' is in line with resolutions made by the National Council in Bulawayo last weekend. On Wednesday, party spokesman Nelson Chamisa told Newsreel they had given themselves one month to finish the exercise and make a decision about their continued participation in the unity government. He said the exercise would look at whether the inclusive government was a worthwhile and sustainable 'vehicle for real change and democracy in Zimbabwe'.

    In Kariba at Kamhunga Stadium, MDC Treasurer-General and Senator Roy Bennett, who has been waiting seven months to be sworn in as Deputy Agriculture Minister, has been lined up as a guest speaker. Spokesman Nelson Chamisa will address a rally in Buhera North while Senator Morgan Komichi will be in Gokwe.

    There is growing disillusionment within MDC ranks over the refusal by ZANU PF to honour its obligations under the unity deal. Over 7 months since the government was formed MDC appointed governors have not yet been sworn in and attempts continue apace by ZANU PF to take the telecommunications sector from the ministry controlled by Chamisa. Farm seizures and disturbances continue unabated, while the disputed unilateral appointments of Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono and Attorney General Johannes Tomana remain unresolved.

    The coalition in general has been plagued by a lack of sincerity from ZANU PF. Mugabe's spokesman George Charamba has been given unfettered control of the state media and has been abusing it to spew hate speech against Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC and private independent Zimbabwe media. Parliamentarians from the MDC and other party officials continue to be selectively victimized by the police and the Attorney General's office. The same AG's office refuses to prosecute ZANU PF thugs responsible for last year's bloody election violence.

    In different parts of the country MDC activists continue to be victimized. Last week in Mt Darwin two activists, Rebecca Chavunduka and Paul Chamboko, fled their homes in Kapiripiri village after being threatened by ZANU PF supporters. A colonel Zonge in the Zimbabwe National Army is said to be carrying out a 'clean-up exercise' of MDC supporters in the area. Zonge has even promised his hired thugs a new vehicle to use in their terror operations. Last year the same colonel was one of over 200 senior army officers deployed countrywide to carry out a campaign of terror and murder against opposition supporters, ahead of the one-man presidential run-off vote.

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