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    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    October 03, 2007

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    On Wednesday 03 October 2007, Crisis Coalition held a civil society public meeting in Harare at the Athenaeum hall, to discuss and interrogate the implications of the talks between ZANU-PF and MDC with regards the constitutional amendment 18 and the operating environment in which the elections will be in 2008. In view of this, history was also referred to as the actions of the MDC mirrored those of PF ZAPU in relation to the Unity Accord that saw its destruction.

    The meeting had contributions from the three main speakers namely, Arnold Tsunga chairperson of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, John Makumbe (UZ) and Dr Madhuku (UZ) who deliberated on the topic "MDC / ZANU-PF Agreement; Is the opposition hugging a python"

    The following resolutions were brought up:

    • There is the need to practically dismantle in a credible way the institute of organized violence in order to have free and fair elections.
    • Fight against impunity for a process that is progressive.
    • Need to open up democratic space as the Zimbabweans should be able to meet freely and be able to access the media to campaign without being prosecuted.
    • The MDC should make an open statement that they will not contest under the Lanchester House Constitution.
    • There is the need to reconcile the civic society and the MDC so that a stronger force is formulated to fight the draconian reign of terror.

    Hwange Public Meeting

    The Crisis Coalition held a provincial meeting in Hwange at Nengasha stadium on Wednesday 26 September 2007, to discuss the implications of the constitutional amendment 18 to the resolution of the Zimbabwean crisis. The meeting interrogated and postulated the possible outcome of the talks between MDC and ZANU-PF and giving an overview of the governance crisis in Zimbabwe and perspectives on the 2008 elections.

    Speakers present at the meeting were Mr P Ruhanya of the Crisis Coalition, Mr G Nkomo from Hwange Agenda, Mr Muwani from Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) and Morgan Komichi from the MDC. They gave detailed accounts of their views of a possible monumental blunder on the part of the democratic party.

    The following resolutions were brought up:

    • That national identification cards should be produced on the day of voting and desist from referring to the voters roll as some people may have not registered in time.
    • The people of Zimbabwe in diaspora should take part in the electoral process as they occupy South Africa and the other surrounding SADC regions their multitudes.
    • Voter education should spread to rural areas which have remained a closed community at the mercy of ZANU PF propaganda.
    • No to elections before an independent electoral council.
    • No to elections before a new constitutional dispensation.

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