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    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    September 26, 2007

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    The Civil Society in Zimbabwe will this week hold an All Stakeholders Constitutional Conference in Bulawayo. The one day meeting will be held on Saturday 29 September 2007. The meeting will come up with common positions which will guide the conduct of civil society on constitutional issues, especially in the aftermath of both the MDC and Zanu PF voting for the 18th Constitutional Amendment in parliament.

    As the nation continues to suffer under the current socio-economic and political crisis, the people, represented through various sectors in January 2006 made a resolution that there is an urgent need for a democratic constitution as the foundation for democratic governance in Zimbabwe.

    Zimbabwe has enough resources to meet most socio-economic needs of the people such as food, jobs, good quality and accessible education, health among other services.

    Realising that most of Zimbabwe's socio-economic and political problems are as a result of a systematic failure of government, we see the development of a homegrown democratic constitution as the most realistic and sustainable way to resolve the crisis afflicting our country.

    We therefore, call upon the people of Zimbabwe, including sub-regional governments, the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the African Union (AU) and the United Nations (UN) to lobby and where necessary appropriately exert pressure on the Zimbabwean government to engage in a broad consultation with opposition political parties and the civil society towards a new democratic and people driven Zimbabwean constitution.

    As concerned citizens, we call upon the government to open up democratic space, decriminalise the citizenry and honour the people's long standing demand for a new democratic constitution.

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