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  • Strikes and Protests 2007- Save Zimbabwe Campaign

  • Declaration of the Bureau of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly on the ill-treatment of the Zimbabwean opposition MP Nelson Chamisa
    European Union (EU)
    March 21, 2007

    On 18 March 2007, Nelson Chamisa MP from the opposition MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) was severely assaulted on his way to Harare airport where he was to take a flight to attend the meetings of the committees of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels this week. Mr Chamisa suffered a fractured skull and a detached retina and could lose his eye. He is lying in a critical condition in a Harare hospital under police guard.

    The Bureau of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly condemns the brutal attack on its colleague Nelson Chamisa in the strongest possible terms. The JPA Bureau insists that the perpetrators of the attack on Nelson Chamisa be brought speedily to justice.

    The incident took place in the context of increasing political violence in Zimbabwe. In line with what has been expressed by the President of the African Union, the JPA Bureau urges the Government of Zimbabwe to do everything in its power to end the violence in the country, to investigate the attacks on opposition leaders allegedly perpetrated by the police and security forces, and to re-establish in cooperation with the opposition the respect of human rights and the rule of law in Zimbabwe in accordance with the values of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement.

    A joint delegation of the JPA intends to visit Zimbabwe to ascertain the situation on the ground.

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