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Government assault on human rights condemned
Zimbabwe Liberators Platform (ZLP)
March 14, 2007

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The Zimbabwe Liberators Platform strongly condemns the Zimbabwe government's brutal and ruthless assault of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai, National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) Chairman Lovemore Madhuku and several of their colleagues. An unarmed civilian was shot dead by the police on Sunday.

Tsvangirai, Madhuku, Arthur Mutambara and colleagues were arrested by Harare police on 11 March 2007 on their way to a prayer rally. Most of them were sadistically assaulted for two days before they were taken to court.

With a swollen face and partly shaven head which was seriously injured, the MDC leader struggled to disembark from a police truck at the Harare magistrate's court on Tuesday. His condition has been described as critical. Madhuku's arm was bandaged or in plaster, apparently broken as a result of the assault. His head was also bandaged. He was badly beaten several times before.

There was no justification whatsoever for murdering a defenceless civilian and assaulting the opposition and NCA leaders. Government blatantly violates human rights, including the right to life. It uses brutal repression to suppress peaceful demonstrations and protests against bad governance, economic hardships and collapsed social services.

Even WOZA women demonstrators were ruthlessly assaulted in Gweru recently. Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions Secretary General Wellington Chibhebhe sustained a broken arm following a brutal assault by the police last year. Who protects the people when the police assault them?

Incidentally, the Rhodesian racist regime used repression against the black majority, including the current leadership, while protecting the white minority. The Mugabe regime fights the people it purportedly liberated.

The war of liberation fought repression, violation of human rights, racism, discrimination, injustice, etc. The people of Zimbabwe expected the new government to introduce and uphold the values of human rights and freedoms, the rule of law, justice, equality, political tolerance, truth, integrity, transparency and accountability.

Unfortunately, this government will leave a legacy of repression, corruption, human rights violations and abuse, defiance of court orders, lies, disrespect for the truth, abuse of state media, political patronage, etc. History will judge it very harshly indeed!

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