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Statement on postponement of presidential elections
Save Zimbabwe Campaign
December 20, 2006

Save Zimbabwe Campaign notes with great dismay and anguish the announcement by the ruling Zanu PF Party of Zimbabwe of an intention to postpone the 2008 Presidential election to 2010 in order to facilitate the joint holding of Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in the same year. Such a move by the ruling Zanu PF is undemocratic and takes away the constitutional right of all Zimbabwean citizens to elect leaders of their choice at regular intervals as established in the current constitution of Zimbabwe.

Save Zimbabwe Campaign calls for the holding of elections in 2008 as per the schedule of the current constitution of Zimbabwe but within the framework of a new people driven and defined constitution that will allow for the holding of fee, fair and democratic governance.

We call upon all citizens of Zimbabwe and like minded national, regional as well as international organizations to reject the current maneuvers of the ruling Zanu PF Party and the Government of Zimbabwe to further abrogate the right to vote of all Zimbabwean citizens through a vain-glorious attempt to manage its succession politics using state institutions such as parliament to effect undemocratic constitutional reforms.

Save Zimbabwe Campaign will do all that is permissible in a democratic society to challenge the ruling Zanu PF party's intentions to refuse the people of Zimbabwe the right to select leaders of their own choice under a democratic constitution dispensation. We will campaign for both the holding of elections in 2008 and the overhauling of Zimbabwe's current constitution in order that it be replaced by a democratic, people driven and defined constitutional framework.

Save Zimbabwe Campaign general council members are:

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