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12 Student leaders arrested at Masvingo State University
Lance Guma, SW Radio Africa

October 24, 2006

Twelve members of the Masvingo State University student’s representative council were arrested Monday for allegedly holding an illegal general meeting with students. Among those arrested was the Vice President of the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) Gideon Chitanga. According to Washington Katema who coordinates ZINASU activities, the students were arrested on the eve of SRC elections, which were supposed to have elected a new leadership for the university. They are all being held at Masvingo Central police station.

Katema told Newsreel that no charges had so far been placed on the students.

Those arrested include Edison Zhou, Wiflom Mugwigi, George Makamure, Nicholas Govo, Wilfred Manyeruke, Ogylive Makova, Chatambudza Charlton, Liberty, Ndaba Ngweya, Hlathswayo Edison and one who could only be identified as Shoko. The students say the arrests are a violation of their right to freedom of association and assembly. They also queried how an ordinary meeting of students could constitute a threat to national security as alleged by the police. The students remained in custody as of Tuesday evening. Its felt by many observers the government is trying to influence the SRC elections by arresting key candidates and trying break their spirit.

A statement issued by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition says, ‘the government should stop criminalizing students and detaining them in the same prison as seasoned criminals. They have the right to air their views and concerns and the government should address their grievances, not crush them.’

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