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  • Magodonga Mahlangu outlines WOZA's agenda
    Taurai Maduna,
    February 16, 2006

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    Magodonga Mahlangu (with white cap) and members of WOZA out the Government offices in Bulawayo
    Magodonga Mahlangu (with white cap) and members of WOZA outside the Government offices in Bulawayo

    On the eve of Valentines Day, Magodonga Mahlangu and her colleagues from Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) in Bulawayo marched to Mhlahlandlela building, which houses the Government offices. Their mission was to tell the Government that they are fed up and want bread and love.

    This year WOZA marched under the theme “bread and roses”. Ms Mahlangu said their march was directed at the Government. “We wanted the government to know that we are speaking to them and not anybody else," said Mahlangu. She added, “We want the bread and roses from them.” listen to audio in Ndebele

    Ms Mahlangu paid tribute to the people of Bulawayo who cheered on WOZA as they walked through the city. She said people were no longer run away during demonstrations. She attributed this to the peaceful way in which WOZA conducts their demonstrations. listen to audio in Ndebele

    Hundreds of WOZA members were arrested in Bulawayo and Harare. While some were released without charge others refused to pay the admission of guilt fines. Ms Mahlangu said that paying the admission of guilt fine is against the whole idea of protesting. “We have a constitutional right speak out and if you pay the fine you are admitting that you are guilty.” She added, “We are not guilty, we are just expressing our desire for basic needs." listen to audio in Ndebele

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