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    National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
    November 05, 2005

    The NCA today (November 5, 2005) staged peaceful demonstrations in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru,, Mutare and Masvingo. The demonstrations were staged as part of the continuing push for a democratic constitution and in condemnation of the senate elections to be held on 26 November 2006.

    Five hundred people participated in the two demonstrations held in Harare. In the first demonstration that took place from at 1130 Hours Causeway Post Office to Harare Central Police station, two hundred people participated. Six of these were arrested and two sustained injuries when police brutally thwarted the demonstration and pounced the peaceful demonstrators with truncheons. Another demonstration was held at 1400 hours, with three hundred people participating. The demonstrators marched from Harare Street through Samora Machel Avenue up to the main Post Office where armed police dispersed them.

    The Bulawayo demonstration , 400 participated from Nhliziyo shopping center to Entumbane hall, waving placards and banners calling for a new constitution and denouncing the forthcoming bogus senate elections. In Mutare 150 demonstrators marched peacefully along Herbert Chitepo Street and were only dispersed by police after marching for 45 minutes. The Masvingo demonstration had 200 people participating. They peacefully marched through the City centre chanting songs and slogans in call for a democratic constitution and in denunciation of the senate elections. In Gweru, 200 people demonstrated in push for a democratic constitution. The Gweru march lasted for 45 minutes across the city, with members of the public being issued with fliers calling for a democratic constitution.

    While the police in Harare violently treated the peaceful demonstrators, the NCA wishes to commend the police in Bulawayo and other places for displaying professional conduct in letting citizens enjoy their right to the freedom of expression. The demonstrations were in national interest. The NCA organized the demonstrations as part of attempts towards the realization of a peaceful, prosperous, democratic and united country founded on human dignity and social justice.

    It was in this same vein that the demonstrations were in condemnation of the senatorial elections. These elections are not in the best interest of the people of Zimbabwe. They are a stage managed ritual meant for the benefit of a few self-seeking elites. Millions of Zimbabweans who are suffering under the scourge of economic hardships will certainly not benefit from these elections whose result is predetermined.

    Judging by the impact and success that marked the staging of today’s demonstrations, Zimbabweans are certainly on the road to a constitution of their own making.

    Earnest Mudzengi
    Assistant to the National Chairperson

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