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NCA going ahead with demonstrations
National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
November 06, 2002

The NCA advises that it is going ahead with demonstrations for a democratic space through constitutional reform scheduled for Saturday 9 November 2002. The demonstrations will be staged in selected high-density suburbs of Harare, Mutare, Gweru and Bulawayo.

The demonstrations will be peaceful and the demonstrators will be carrying banners and placards calling for a new constitution as the most viable solution to the crisis in Zimbabwe that emanates from bad governance.

Already in some parts of the country, the police have banned the demonstrations. We put it on record that the police have never allowed NCA demonstrations and we see no reason to respect these traditional and trademark bans on our activities by the ZANU government, which is growing timid by the day.

Furthermore, the demonstrations are going ahead as planned on Saturday contrary to the belief of some quarters that the NCA is abandoning the demonstrations because of the MDC anniversary celebrations. The NCA sees nothing to celebrate under the current circumstances of massive intimidation, electoral fraud, harassment of the opposition and the total breakdown of the rule of law.

The only answer to the present problems in Zimbabwe is constitutional reform. We, therefore, urge all Zimbabweans to rally behind the demonstrations for a new constitution for it is only through constitutional reform that Zimbabwe will achieve a true transition to democracy.

Douglas Mwonzora
National Spokesperson

Issued by NCA Information Department
For further information, contact:
Maxwell Saungweme
Tel: 011-734171

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