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In Solidarity with the NCA
Zimbabwe Civil Education Trust (ZIMCET)
April 25, 2002

The Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust is concerned about the situation currently prevailing in Zimbabwe, more so in connection with the suppression of freedoms and rights of members of the public. The continuous barring of civic organizations such as the NCA to freely exercise their freedom to speak through peaceful demonstrations is uncalled for.

The draconian Public Order and Security Act (POSA) on the other hand, which is being used to bar such demonstrations, shows the total collapse of democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe. ZIMCET urges that since Zimbabwe is a signatory to the Declaration of Human Rights, it should honour its promise to ensure that rights and freedoms of Zimbabweans are in line with this declaration.

While ZIMCET does not want to interfere with the operations of the courts it however strongly condemns uncalled for detention for exercising a democratic right such demonstrating against a flawed constitution. It is now time for Zimbabweans to stand up courageously and fight against any form of repression.

Every Zimbabwean is entitled to defend one’s fundamental rights and government should be seen to promote the rights through positive and progressive legislation and not through militarisation of the state. We are therefore urging and calling upon other civic organizations to stand up and denounce activities such as the heavy handedness of the police and selective application of the law regarding demonstrations.

Executive Director
David Chimhini

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