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ZIMCET Condemns Violence
Zimbabwe Civil Education Trust (ZIMCET)
April 23, 2002

In the Daily News dated 23 April 2002, there was a sad story of Brandina Tadyanemhandu 53, who was butchered inside her hut by about 20 youths in the presence of her two daughters.

The Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust is highly concerned by such brutal incidences particularly after the just ended presidential elections. ZIMCET is saddened at the suffering inflicted on that particular family and many more to which ZIMCET would like to express its condolence. ZIMCET is calling on all civic organizations to stand up and denounce such acts of brutality which leave members of the public in fear of their life in a country which claims to be democratic and peaceful. ZIMCET also calls on the government to immediately put a stop to this madness.

In addition ZIMCET as an organization which promotes democracy and peace in this country is indeed alarmed by the general political instability prevailing in our country which is not in line with the call by the state President that we all need unity, peace and stability.

ZIMCET’s core business being peace building, conflict resolution and mediation is therefore concerned on what kind of peace is left in Zimbabwe when people are at liberty to go about butchering other people. The Declaration of Human Rights to which Zimbabwe is a signatory, and the Zimbabwe constitution protects human life and therefore the wanton killings published daily do not reflect respect for human life.

ZIMCET is calling upon every peace loving Zimbabwean citizen to speak out against any form of violence and also urge the police to bring to book perpetrators of violence. Many people have resorted to dumping bodies at the home of alleged perpetrators but ZIMCET is not convinced that this will solve the problem. We need political will from the political leadership to control their supporters.

ZIMCET is therefore urging the chiefs and local leaders to play their mediation role and teach members of the community on the importance of cultural issues such as "ngozi", "kutanda botso." What we are currently experiencing where bodies are dumped at the alleged perpetrators homes is a desperate attempt by bereaved families to stop the unwarranted political killings. Is this what we want as a country?

Executive Director
David Chimhini

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