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Every young Zimbabwean should benefit from the youths funds
Youth Forum
November 28, 2013

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The recent figures released by the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe which indicate that Matabeleland South region continue to lag behind in benefiting from the Youth Development Fund is shocking and appalling and only go to confirm that this region is marginalised.

As Youth Forum we feel very saddened as we spend most of our work in these communities and we always come face to face with young people who are capable and are in dire need of financial assistance to kick-start their projects.

According to a report by a local daily newspaper, Matabeleland North has the least funded projects with just one percent translating into 18 projects only while Mashonaland Central has 100, Bulawayo about 45 and Harare 75.

The Youth Development Fund has been shrouded with controversy and allegations of corruption. The Youth Fund has not been inspiring with many grantees failing to pay back the loans nor achieving any meaningful impact in terms of entrepreneurial development.

In mostly rural communities, poor access to education, limited economic alternatives, poor representation and lack of voice by the young people continues to worsen their plight.

It is sad that as we commemorate the 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence most young girls and young boys continue to be subjected to economic marginalisation by the central government.

As we commemorate this day it is important to continue to empower and promote young women’s participation and provide them with information about existing government opportunities for their emancipation.

Access to resources remains a big challenge especially for young people with only a few well-connected individuals being able to dip their hands in the national cake.

Meanwhile as Youth Forum we are currently training our young leaders in Harare, Masvingo and Matabeleland provinces on how to do advocacy and also why it is important in their communities and we hope this will help them to in accessing the Youth Funds.

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