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Patsaka newsletter – November 2013
Patsaka Trust
November 23, 2013

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Open the floodgates of heaven, let it rain

Welcome to our November edition, which we have dubbed the bonus edition. We hope that this edition will keep you informed and hopefully convince you to choose the Zambezi Basin this festive season. We sincerely trust and hope that this newsletter is keeping you informed about everything that is happening down here.

A lot is always happening here on the Zambezi Valley. Every time I hear the word friendly in the context of sports I'm bound to think of soccer matches, but National Anglers Union in Charara will be hosting a Zone 6 All Species International Friendly Fishing Tournament during the first week of December. The teams will be coming from Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia. We wish the visiting teams an enjoyable stay in Zimbabwe and to everyone else, tight lines!

Every year in Kariba courtesy of the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, we hold the International Civil Aviation Day celebrations. The celebrations are held at our Kariba Airport. Our host the Airport Manager Mr. S. Maramwidze, will be ready to receive us again on the 6th of December.

Our sincere apologies for skipping this important piece of information. Kariba Municipality has got a new Town Clerk, who filled in the shoes left by Mr. Makunde who is nowin Chitungwiza. The new boss is Mr. Tembo, we wish him well in his office and we hope that every-one will give him all the support. We also welcome the new Councillors elected after the harmonised elections. On the same note our esteemed Council will be holding their Mayor’s Christmas Cheer Fund, this December. If you happen to stay or be in Kariba please support this worthy cause for our orphaned and vulnerable children. They will be holding Fund Raising Dinner, soccer matches and more.

We also understand that the Tony Waite Foundation will be holding a Christmas Party for 60 orphans on the 3rd of December. The kids are rotated as the organisation cannot afford to hold a party for all of them. With your help and support maybe you can make a difference, imagine an orphan waiting for a year or years before its their turn to attend a party, their lives are already disadvantaged.

Last edition we announced the arrival of Umbozha, we are happy when new investments are made into our area. This month we are pleased to announce that one of our most renowned Safari Camps, Musango has had a facelift. There is now more space in the chalets, to make your stay more comfortable. This is coming from a facility that was awarded a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and Steve Edwards has been named among the top 10 Safari Guides in Africa. Steve has also helped in the building of a clinic and a school in his area.

While we are still in the area, another equally good facility run by Jenny Nobes is Rhino Safari Camp. They captured the picture above of lions feasting on a crocodile. We always thought that crocodiles were at the top of the food chain with virtually few predators. The list just got bigger lions are on the list, according to Jenny, the lions eat the crocs during their breeding season. Rhino and Umbozha are doing a special this month, please see the poster on page 2.

To those that are going to be with us this festive season. We would like to give you a few pointers on itinerary options. First if you haven't secured accommodation, you might need to make a plan now. Please ensure that you deal with licensed operators who have valid and current ZTA licenses. There is still availability in selected lodges, you might want to try a Kariba, Chirundu and Mana Pools combo. You book and put up at Makuti Travel Lodge. First day you drive into Kariba enjoy a visit to the dam wall, visit the mini museum, drive to the Heights, to the crocodile farm, and enjoy our signature sunset cruise. Second day you drive into Chirundu, you have options of fishing at Tiger Safaris, Jecha Point Lodge or Chirundu Safari Lodge, if you are not a fishing fanatic, you can then try a cruise on a river I promise you its different from the lake. You can also visit Nyamuomba for a full day of game viewing, fishing, birding and speedboat cruising on the river. For the third day you set off early in the morning for Mana Pools. I have just discovered that day trips into Mana cut off the whole hassle of accommodation, food and everything. All you need is packed lunch and a good dose of drinks and not forgetting beer. In Mana Pools you have options of game drives, game walks, lion tracking, fishing and lots more. Staying at Makuti or Chirundu cuts of the hassles of getting everything ready for a safari into Mana. But for the daring ones, a Mana safari is among one of the best.

In Kariba besides the activities listed above, you have options of water activities, speed boat flips or rides, island visits, or the ever popular 4 in 1 safari combo. In one day you can have it all, you begin with a game drive, then you have a game walk, then you canoe on the lake and end with a cruise. If you haven't had enough we recommend a bush dinner at Kuburi Wilderness Camp overlooking Antelope Island. You are welcome to try our varied accommodation facilities from Spurwing Island overlooking the Sanyati Gorge where we last saw the Nyami Nyami, or the newly opened Changa or you might want to get hooked on Gache and team up with Ray and Pat Townsend the fishing fanatics. Further down the lake we have Rhino Safari Camp, Musango, Bumi Hills and Tiger Bay Resort.

Please drive safely, drink responsibly, remember that animals have the right of way, do not hoot, do not flash lights, and be patient. Thank you

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