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Activity update - 11 November 2013
National Youth Development Trust
November 12, 2013


Sports Festival: The National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) conducted a sports festival in Umzingwane on Saturday November 9, 2013. The festival was held at Esihlengeni in ward Two (02) under the theme "Promoting Peace Through The Sports”. 7 soccer and 3 netball teams from wards 1, 2, 10 and 18 participated in the festival that aimed at building lasting peace in the community. A wide variety of people, including youths from different political parties, civil servants, members of the Zimbabwe National Army, churches, students and traditional leaders took part in the sports festival. The NYDT trained ward and constituency team leaders in Umzingwane played a leading role in coordinating the sports festival. The young people commended the move by NYDT to host a peace oriented sports festival as they acknowledged that it would help build tolerance amongst their community. Sports for peace festivals have been used by NYDT as a way of bringing together young people from various political, economic and social backgrounds to promote tolerance while acknowledging differences in ideological beliefs.

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