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Activity update - 04 November 2013
National Youth Development Trust
November 05, 2013


Full council Meeting: The Bulawayo Youth Council (BYC) met to reflect on the clean-up campaign they conducted two weeks ago and agree on other activities to implement in their respective communities for the rest of the year. The councillors identified two significant commemorations for the rest of the year in which they would implement their planned activities in, National Tree Planting Day and World AIDS Day.

Other issues discussed in the meeting were the need for a leadership capacity building workshop for the youth council as a way of enhancing their ability to carry out their roles as the representatives of young people in Bulawayo. The youth councillors also expressed concern over the poor availability of information about the relocation of Egodini bus terminus and called for a meeting with the Bulawayo city council to share their concerns and find out more about the project.


Leadership Training: The National Youth Development Trust held a leadership capacity building training workshop in Nkayi from 31 October to 01 November 2013. Participants at the workshop were drawn from Nkayi Centre, Zinyangeni, Dakamela, Mathendele, Dimpamiwa and Duhamzondo. The topics covered in the workshop included, defining leadership, types of leadership, lobby and advocacy, gender mainstreaming, and community mobilisation. The methods of delivery used during the workshop included prepared presentations, group discussion and games. The young people who attended the workshop called for more platforms that encourage them to be proactive citizens that take a leading role in developing their communities. The NYDT was said to be the only organisation that focuses on the youths in Nkayi and was urged to continue working with the youths in Nkayi for the development of the community. Constitutional Feedback meeting: The NYDT held a Constitutional Feedback meeting in Nkayi Centre on Friday 01 November 2013. The discussion began with a brief history of how the new constitution came to being as a way of putting into perspective some of the youths who had not participated in the process. The discussion dwelt mainly on the Bill of Rights as the young people expressed great interest in knowing their constitutional rights. They said they were missing out on key opportunities because of ignorance and the same was happening with regards to their constitutional rights. They were unable to enjoy them because they were not aware of them. While they appreciated the rights of arrested persons as guaranteed in the new constitution, they also expressed concern over the fact that it was easy for the police not to respect those rights and there was little they could do.

The recognition of 16 languages as official was welcomed by the young people as a move that would allow them to enjoy their cultures without being marginalised. The young people also called on the NYDT to implement follow up activities to the meeting as one meeting could not exhaust the entire constitution. The youths were also encouraged to read the constitution and discuss it within their wards.

Young Women’s Study Circle: A young women’s study circle was convened by the NYDT in Nkayi on Friday 01 November 2013. The meeting aimed at encouraging the young women to meet on a regular basis to identify and discuss issues that affect them and collectively come up with solutions. They managed to discuss a few issues such as lack of income, food and water shortages, lack of education opportunities and single parenthood. The young women encouraged each other to make efforts to fend for themselves and their families rather than to depend on other people. They agreed to initiate young women’s study circles in their villages and continue discussing such issues and supporting each other.


Leadership Training: The NYDT held a leadership capacity building training workshop in Lupane from Friday 01 to Saturday 02 November 2013. The workshop sought to equip young people with leadership skills that would allow them to play an active role in decision making at a local and even national level. The workshop therefore focused on leadership skills, the role of a leader, lobbying and advocacy as well as gender mainstreaming. The participants had the opportunity of learning using games and pictures as a way of making the workshop interesting. These young people are expected to become proactive in taking up community development initiatives and play a leading role in encouraging other youths to effectively participate in the development process.

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