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  • Activity update weekending 16 September 2013
    National Youth Development Trust
    September 16, 2013

    Peace Barometer workshop

    The National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) conducted a peace barometer workshop with peace ambassadors on Friday September 13, 2013. The peace ambassadors are young men and women that were trained by the organisation to conduct peace-building initiatives in their respective communities as a way of reducing conflict. They also document human rights violations and other forms of conflict incidences in their areas. The peace barometer workshop was therefore aimed at providing a platform for sharing the various documented incidences, allowing the organisation to capture them and help inform peace intervention strategies in the communities.

    The peace ambassadors therefore managed to map a comprehensive environmental scan for the 13 districts represented in the workshop. They also gave their assessments of the peace levels in their communities, mainly highlighting that the main sources of conflict are grievances to do with poor service delivery, youth unemployment, lack of economic opportunities for young people, corruption by various government departments and a somewhat contested election outcome.

    They also managed to propose interventions based on their analysis of the current environment and the NYDT will be taking these into consideration in restructuring its programming to suit the new environment. A peace barometer paper will also be produced by the NYDT based on the data collected during the workshop. Peace barometer workshops inform a survey by the NYDT on peace related issues in its various areas of operation as a way of maintaining relevant programming and also coming up with effective advocacy tools.

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