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  • Youth challenge new government
    Youth Agenda Trust
    September 12, 2013

    Youth from various corners of the country says they are ready to play their part in the socio-political and economic future of the country despite being faced by a number of obstacles that not only threaten their future, but also of generations to come.

    The youths took note of the shambolic elections that were held on 31 July 2013 and also had time to interrogate the performance of the Inclusive government vis a vis the expectations of the people. The youths also had time to discuss the history of the country’s constitutional crisis and emphasised that in order for the country to move forward, everyone must respect and adhere to the country’s constitution.

    Speaking at a workshop hosted by Youth Agenda Trust in Redcliff from Saturday to Monday this week, the youths reiterated their desire to contribute to the prosperity of the country but laid out a framework which they said would help them achieve their objectives.

    The meeting, which was meant to train and inculcate the spirit of constitutionalism among the youths ended with young people drawing the following framework:

    “We the youths of Zimbabwe, faced by seemingly insurmountable political, socio and economic problems but united by our common quest towards a prosperous nation, declare that the future of this country starts today. We therefore propose that for this country to move forward, the following reforms must be instituted by the leadership of this country in order to safeguard the future of generations to come.

    1. That the Government steadfastly adheres and safeguards the Constitution of Zimbabwe as the supreme law of the land and that no one should be above it. The government should make sure that all people in the country are treated equally without fear or favour.
    2. That the government immediately draw a sensible and viable programme of empowering all young people including opening up job opportunities for all. Realising that the new government promised people over two million jobs during the campaign trail, we urge the new office bearers to deliver on this promise and that it should not end as lip service or the usual political rhetoric.
    3. That the government quickly addresses the social services sector to ensure that the citizens of the country receives basic social services in line with the demands of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The government should look at ways of improving the education sector to ensure that all young people get access to basic education.
    4. That the government completes implementing reforms that remain outstanding from the times of the coalition government to ensure the country is conducive to all its citizens. The reforms among others include: media, security sector, national healing among others.
    5. That state institutions immediately stop being partisan but answerable to the people of Zimbabwe. These state institutions include the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), the army, police, prison service among other state organs that have been accused of serving the interests of few politicians at the expense of the people of Zimbabwe.
    6. That the government of Zimbabwe immediately commission a board of enquiry into the conduct and activities of ZEC as a matter of urgency to ensure that it brings back confidence to the youth of Zimbabwe on the electoral process which is a key ingredient of a democratic nation.

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