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Chitownews Bulletin - Issue 06 - 2013
Chitungwiza Community Development Network
September 02, 2013

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Corruption in allocation and selling of stands

St Mary’s - The allocation of infill residential and commercial stands by the Municipality of Chitungwiza raises a lot of eyebrows regarding the rampant practice of corruption and underhand dealings within the ranks and files of the town’s administration.

Recently, the Chitownews team came across a business stand that already has an electricity supply pole in the foundation of the premises as shown in the picture above.

The stand is located in ward 2, St Mary’s, at the corner of Chaminuka and Hombarume drive. What puzzles most is how the person who “bought” the stand is going to construct the premises considering that the electricity pylon is rooted in the floor of the building.

There has been an increase in damage to electricity, water and sewer infrastructure by the corrupt municipality personnel and former councilors who are building and selling corruptly awarded residential infill and commercial stands.

The former councilors and administrators of the municipality are alleged to be the owners of all the unutilized space in the town as the municipality is claiming that Chitungwiza has run out of land for any developmental purposes.

Rumours also allege that they are the ones who are selling all the commercial and industrial stands that are being used in building business, church and private school premises around the town. Chitungwiza as a town is regarded as the hub of corrupt practices in allocation and selling of corruptly acquired residential and commercial stands in Zimbabwe.

The illegal practices have since spread to rural Seke in Mashonaland East province where the local traditional leadership like the village heads and head man are now dermacating stands for urban purposes and then sell the general public from Chitungwiza and Harare.

The stands are being sold between US $ 1500 to US $ 3 500 and are selling like hot cakes given that the municipality has ran out of space.

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