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  • Letter to the President
    Child Advocacy Solidarity Trust
    August 25, 2013

    May we, the children, take this opportunity to congratulate you with regards to your resounding victory. We had thought we had no voice but as we can see today we have indeed spoken. The GNU days are over. The people have spoken through their vote and spoken with one accord to vote back into office ‘a man of the people’. We believed in you before our parents even believed in you on the 22nd of August as you took the oath to advance and protect the interests of the people of Zimbabwe. We even understand that for the past 33 years you have gained experience and skill under your belt and, therefore, the interests of the business community, investors, vendors, the civil servants and we the children are not a mammoth task to you and they are not in vain.

    The land has been blessed with diamonds, gold, platinum, chrome, nickel and various other minerals and we believe the money shall be directed to the state coffers unlike the allegations leveled against you that the money was directed towards machine guns so that you could fight us with our ball points and paper. What then, does this mean, to us children? A wealthy country and a healthy people. We also believe the civil servants want to hold an indaba to engage you and the government to talks, as you promised them, for better working conditions and a lucrative remuneration. It is our sincere belief that it shall be in bona fide. We shall now witness the police not only at roadblocks but at zebra crossing lines as well. The teachers shall put an end to extra lessons and we will not be booted out of school for non-payment of school fees. The nurses at the hospitals shall no longer accept bribes so that they can look over our miserable bodies as we fight for dear life. We shall also expect free medication and learn for free at primary level. We shall also not behave like bees while surrounding one textbook in class. Oh, and sir, we shall also not expect a boot at the buttocks from the soldiers because we would have laughed at their oversized uniform and open ‘jombos’.

    Sanctions! We could not believe that under such conditions you could thrush Morgan and co. left, right and centre. Our teachers had desisted from embarrassing us to draw an aeroplane and a train because we knew them not but they have reassured us that since your historical inauguration planes shall no longer be grounded and that four trains shall share a track at the same time. Our memories shall be vivid and we shall draw them from our deep sleep. If the GNU had continued then we will have forgotten about these and tried drawing open skies and railway lines only.

    Sir, lastly, can you remind Aunty Grace that as soon as our parents die we are coming to her celebrated orphanage and school. Once again we congratulate you on your resounding victory.

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