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  • A message to the youth of Zimbabwe
    Youth Forum
    July 23, 2013

    As we get closer to the 31st of July polls, the Youth Forum gives a vote of confidence to every Zimbabwean youth who made an effort to make sure that their names appear on the voter’s roll. Considering the challenges that accompanied voter registration, registered youth voters have already done a great job by surpassing all this, thus they cannot afford to let all their effort go down the drain by not casting their votes.

    It is every Zimbabwean’s natural right to vote so as the young, vibrant and enthusiastic group of the society, the youth should speak out and speak for the rest of the Zimbabweans who do not voice out their thoughts. They can do this by taking advantage of this opportunity that has been presented to them. The youth of Zimbabwe should therefore take part in the issues that will ultimately affect their lives by effectively participating in electoral processes, as it is the only way they can voice out their thoughts.

    The Youth Forum encourages the registered youth voters to reaffirm their strategic position as the political game changers and go and cast their votes on election day. As they do this, they should do it in peace and know that there is always an “election after time” when they need to go back to the same communities and the same people that they violated because of ideological differences during the election period.

    What all the young Zimbabweans have in common is that they are all Zimbabweans who are looking forward to poverty, violence, unemployment and corruption free Zimbabwe. Therefore Zimbabwean youths should refrain from all forms of political violence and direct their efforts on making positive changes in the country.

    If you are a registered voter you can make a difference by casting that vote in the coming ballot elections. Let us go in our numbers and make a difference in this year’s elections!

    Visit the Youth Forum fact sheet

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