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  • Uzumba: Zanu PF in psychological warfare
    Youth Agenda Trust
    July 11, 2013

    Youths in Uzumba are living in fear as Zanu-PF functionaries continue to promise them a repeat of the June 2008 run-off genocide if they do not vote “correctly” in the forthcoming harmonised elections slated for July 31.

    The youths say that since the proclamation of the election date, Zanu-PF functionaries here have been forcing people to attend meetings while those who do not attend are labeled “sell-outs”.

    The villagers in the area also said that while there was no physical violence taking place in the area, they were being subjected to emotional torture by being threatened with a backlash should election results go the other way in three weeks time.

    Tendai Mukamba (not his real name) told Youth Agenda Trust (YAT) on the sidelines of the Play Your Vote sports tournament held at Magunje primary school near Nhakiwa shopping centre in Uzumba, that they are not able to socialize with other people in the community as they are being isolated.

    “We are living miserable lives here, instead of these people (Zanu-PF) to apologise for the atrocities they committed in 2008, they are actually boasting about it. As we speak, all those who support other political parties are being accused of making the local borehole dysfunctional hence the local headman has been tasked to deal with us…even at the beer halls when we go to buy beer, people run away from us, its so depressing,” said a visibly troubled Tendai.

    Although aspiring candidates are peacefully hitting the campaign trail, youths in Uzumba are being psychologically tortured. YAT director Fortune Nyamande urged the community members to peacefully co-exist and called for tolerance ahead of the elections. He also called on the youth to endure all frustrating tactics that may be used by politicians to discourage them from participating in the electoral process.

    The sports tournament was attended by youths from areas such as Murewa, Nhakiwa, Katiyo, Mutawatawa and Pfungwe. YAT has already some sports tournaments in Masvingo South, Chegutu, Harare, Chitungwiza and Redcliff where the organisation has been urging youths to positively participate in the forthcoming elections.

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