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The Zimbabwe Youth Council regulations SI 4/2013 criminal
Youth for Transparency and Progress
July 02 2013

The Zimbabwe Youth Council regulations SI 4/2013 is not only a threat to our democracy but highly criminal and a direct attack on the already impoverished youths. Instead of empowering the miserable and unemployed youths, the bankrupt Government of National Unity now demand the youths to pay it through this draconian regulation, which is being administered by the National Youth Council.

It is not clear yet how the government will account for millions of US dollars it intends to mobilize from the poverty stricken youths. What is obvious is that the success of such regulations in a country with 95% unemployment rate and high poverty levels, will undoubtedly improve the life style of our ministers and their families - posh cars, summer and winter houses, unsanctioned international trips, great banquets, endless conferences, all in the name of youth empowerment, that has never been realized and poverty alleviation, that has never seen the day. No youth organization will be spared from this purge - leftist, neutral or rightist.

The obvious aim is to disengage and demobilize the youths, a very critical demography even in the eyes of the enemy, ahead of elections possibly this year. The Zimbabwean youth, the poorest the world over, though highly learned, have become a serious threat to the political establishment of the day hence the unilateral imposition of this undemocratic order. Mugabe, who is still in power by military fiat, desperately attempts to consolidate and maintain a tight grip on throne. We consider this to be arbitrary and the last kick of a dying horse.

The MDC formations in the Inclusive Government have also failed dismally, shown by their continued reluctance to curb such totalitarian tendencies. This cold shouldered approach might have been necessitated by their realization that the youths are a serious threat not only to Zanu-PF but even the MDCs as well in the event that they govern this country. They have failed on their manifesto to give jobs to the jobless and chances that they will fulfill this promise if they get in power are very slim. The total disarmament of the youths therefore is crucial for the survival of the two political parties who have failed on their mandate.

The youths however, will have to learn from history and that should remain our source of inspiration in fighting the war of our time. Apartheid and Rhodesian regimes passed the same draconian laws that saw militant nationalist movements such as the City Youth League, ANC, NDP and the South African based Youth League banned. Such a move is not new, but will unite the youths and make them stronger than before. The years of individualism are now over and there is a gradual realization of the need for collective action to confront the common enemy, which is a pleasing development. There is need therefore for action, not words and a clear Program of Action to counter such repressive legislations.

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