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  • Activity update week ending 26 May 2013
    National Youth Development Trust
    May 30 2013

    Constitutional Feedback Meetings

    The National Youth Development Trust held Constitutional Feedback meetings in Entumbane, Pelandaba and Lobengula suburbs in Bulawayo as well as Lwendulo Hall in Hwange last week. The meetings were held to inform young people of the contents of the new Zimbabwean constitution. This was after the realization that despite having voted in the referendum, a number of young people were still ignorant of the contents of the New Constitution.

    The meetings focused on discussing and summarizing key issues in the new constitution. Key amongst these issues was that of the formation of a constitutional court, establishment of independent commissions, the bill of rights and the section on youths. Another key issue discussed was on citizenship with young people expressing varied opinions on how they have been disenfranchised by the citizenship clause under the Lancaster House Constitution.

    Additionally, the feedback meetings emphasized the need for young people to register as voters in preparation for the looming general elections. The young people were then informed of where they can access copies of the constitution for further reading. They however, also suggested that NYDT serializes sections of the new constitution in the social media as it was easier to read it in pieces rather than the voluminous copy in one go. The meetings will be held at a constituency level throughout Bulawayo and in Hwange as a way of encouraging young people to familiarize with critical issues in the new Constitution.

    Peace Circle for Young women

    The National Youth Development Trust held a Peace Circle for Young Women’s on Friday May 24, 2013. The peace circle was held with the aim of exploring ways in which young women can assert themselves in promoting peace and ensuring that conflict is avoided in their homes and their communities at large. The initiative was done due to the realization that in many instances of conflict women and children are the most affected as they are most susceptible to harm and hence should have a major role to play in peace processes and conflict transformation.

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