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Weekly activity update - Week ending 22 April 2013
National Youth Development Trust
April 22, 2013

Arts Concert

The National youth Development Trust (NYDT) held an arts concert at Nkulumane Sekusile Hall in Bulawayo on Saturday April 20, 2013. The Arts concert was held in partnership with Bulawayo Cultural Festival under the theme, “Know And Participate”, in an effort to inform young people about key national processes and encouraging them to effectively participate. Key performances were drawn from Clive Chigubu, Khoi-khoi, Djembe monks, Kwabatsha, Bhatshi, GDA, Kadder, Mac, Nashie and Simunye amongst other artistes. Of particular importance at the concert was the need to encourage young people to register as voters given the impending national elections. However, police officers demanded that all NYDT banners be pulled down and nothing on governance be discussed, as they were not prepared to deal with such issues. They also insisted that no information educational and communication (IEC) material on governance can be distributed hence affecting the information dissemination activity strategy for the activity. The police argued that they were only prepared to deal with a simple arts concert. However, most artists performed in T-shirts that encouraged young people to register to vote and some of the performances bore the youth electoral participation message. Arts concerts are part of NYDT’s mass mobilisation activities that have allowed the organisation to disseminate information to a large group of youths.

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