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  • Message on the eve of the Constitutional Referendum
    Youth Agenda Trust
    March 14, 2013

    Youth Agenda Trust eagerly awaits the historic constitutional referendum that is set for Saturday 16 March 2013, an important step in the democratisation process of Zimbabwe. YAT looks back at the advocacy work that it has carried out around the constitution making with few regrets as it has been a worthwhile process that culminated in the protracted 2nd all stakeholders’ conference where the youth reaffirmed their position. As YAT, we feel this constitution addresses about 80% of our democratic needs as Zimbabweans but we are willing to compromise as it is a far much better than the Lancaster constitution. As we have outlined before, YAT admits that the process leading to the final draft constitution was riddled with irregularities that threw the whole process under scrutiny from a wide spectrum of observers. We recall the violence that engulfed the process as a very sad chapter in the drafting of this constitution and we feel this could have been done better with little involvement from politicians. We however see the opportunity of passing this draft constitution as a once in a lifetime opportunity for young people to protect the incremental gains that have been brought about by the relative tranquility of the Inclusive government. YAT also sees the draft constitution as an important step towards redefining what it means to be a Zimbabwean and more importantly to be a young person. We revel in the provisions of this constitution that ensures that the government is obliged to maintain rule of law, uphold human rights and democracy and to promote good governance, something that has been lacking since the country attained independence in 1980. As the youth, we are happy that this constitution will do away with evil dictatorship and the politicisation of state institutions particularly the security sector. Most importantly, we recognise that this constitution gives every Zimbabwean more freedoms, that is freedom of assembly and association including media freedom. As we go to the referendum on Saturday, we urge all young people to vote yes for the draft constitution which will inevitably give birth to a new Zimbabwe where the sanctity of human life is respected and where every person is treated as equal.

    Vote yes for the constitution and say yes to a better future!

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