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ZOYP launches we are fed up campaign to non violently demand an end to the criminalization and clampdown on the civil society
Zimbabwe Organization For The Youth In Politics
March 04, 2013

Comrades I write this letter without fear and with a heavy heart as our working environment is turning more and more dangerous every day. Those who may want to leak this document to the wrong hands (haters of democracy and independent thinking) please feel free to do so because Iam not afraid of anything or anyone. I will rather live free or die.

Zimrights was raided resulting into the arrest of Okay Machisa and Leo Chamahwinya who had to ‘rot’ in prison for a number of weeks, community meetings are being disrupted everyday by hooligans and rowdy youths from a political party which ride on its immunity from the law. Zimbabwe Peace Project was again raided, many civil society organizations nationwide are being raided with the latest victim being ZESN (Zimbabwe Election Support Network.

This is not the time to fold our hands and watch as fellow comrades are being unnecessarily and unjustifiably attacked. Indications are that this strategy has come and will stay as we head for the elections. This coming election is different from other elections and political parties will do whatever it takes to get their way to electoral victory - by hook or crook.

I was arrested and convicted for contravening POSA (Public Order and Security Act Section 25) after organizing a peace meeting in my community (Kwekwe) which they said was not sanctioned by the police despite having notified them through a letter which they acknowledged receipt. I was sentenced to 12 months in prison; six months suspended on condition I do not commit the same crime in the next five years. I was to effectively serve a 6 month jail term or alternatively pay $500. I naturally opted for the fine.

These and other reasons and incidences not mentioned here have prompted me come up with this idea of a strong and clear campaign aimed at arresting the continued criminalization of civil society activities.

We are all prone to these ill-intentioned strategies and therefore our undivided cooperation is a requirement if we are to wage a fruitful battle against tyranny and authoritanism.

We Are Fed Up Campaign!

  • Yes we are fed of being treated like criminals
  • We are fed up of being incarcerated for no apparent reason
  • We are fed up of selective application of the law.
  • We are fed of such a clampdown on the independent civil society whilst hooligans and political criminals are walking scot free

Let’s all rise up and claim our space as the independent civil society, we refuse to be silenced, no and never. I call upon all civil society activists (on a date to be announced) to walk to the nearest police station and demand arrest. The time has come for us to non violently fight for our freedom and space. Live free or die!

Visit the ZOYP fact sheet

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