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Youth call for peace ahead of polls
Youth Agenda Trust
February 11, 2013

Youth in Mudzi have called for the Inclusive Government to institute measures that ensures that young people are protected from violence that has always haunted elections in Zimbabwe especially in volatile areas such as Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe.

Speaking at an electoral rights indaba that was held at Zhuwawo village Ward 11 in Mudzi, the youth pledged to play their part in the democratization process in Zimbabwe by fully participating in the electoral process by registering as voters and encouraging their peers to join the process.

About 120 youth braved the intimidating political atmosphere in Mudzi and vowed to make the 1+10 voter generation exercise a success and said they will not leave any stone unturned in the build up to the forthcoming elections.

The youth said that politicians who want to use unscrupulous tactics to divide the youth in the constituency will not be tolerated and called on traditional leaders to refuse to be used by politicians by denying youth proof of residence to register as voters.

In the course of the rights Indabas that have so far been held by Youth Agenda, it has been discovered that traditional leaders usually take advantage of their socio-cultural influence to make it difficult for youth to register as voters as they hold the key to the important proof of residence document.

Mudzi is one of the areas that were engulfed by political violence including the infamous "Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve" limb amputating frenzy that left hundreds handicapped while others slaughtered to death.

The Mudzi electoral rights indaba is part of a series of training programs that are meant to equip the youth with knowledge on their right to participate in the electoral process.

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