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We have lost a hero
Youth of Zimbabwe for Transparency and Progress (YZTP)
03, 2013

We stand in utter disbelief that Professor Makumbe is no more. We have been robbed of a dedicated human right defender who championed social, economic and political justice in Zimbabwe. He was among the first few Zimbabweans to fearlessly confront and challenge Mugabe's years of misrule and plunder. It is difficult to lecture about the growth and development of democracy in Zimbabwe without mentioning his name. He stood for the rights of the oppressed and marginalized in society. There is no doubt that Africa has produced many activists from Desmond Tutu in Southern Africa to Nab eel Rajab in Northern Africa, but Professor, as he was affectionately known, was head and shoulders above all of them, a hero indeed. And history has it bare.

His contribution to sustainable development and peace, through fostering democratic values and good governance in our motherland, will be remembered forever.

We have been robbed of our patron, our leader and our adviser. Oh my Lord! We have been robbed of a father, a great teacher and a democrat par excellence. He has left a void in human rights activism that will be very difficult to fill. We however take solace in what he taught us for all these years and his legacy will reign forever.

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