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Rowdy Zanu PF youths (Al Shabab) disrupts a community meeting hosted in Kwekwe
Zimbabwe Organization For The Youth In Politics
January 31, 2013

Hundreds of rowdy ZANU PF youths known as Al Shabab have disrupted a community meeting co-hosted by ZOYP and CCDZ, civil society organizations which was meant to update the community about developments and progress made in the constitution making process. The meeting was sanctioned by the police but the police refused to provide security to the innocent civilians who were harassed by ZANU PF youths and left the venue fleeing for their lives. Later on the police called George Makoni (CCDZ) and Jasper Maposa (ZOYP) and asked them to make a formal report to Mbizo Police Station despite witnessing the violence with their own eyes.

As we head towards the referendum and elections this year pre-election violence has re-surfaced in Kwekwe and the lives of opposition activists and civil society activist is getting in danger each and everyday.

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