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Democracy & community human rights watch - Issue 03
Zimbabwe Organization For The Youth In Politics
November 10, 2012

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You are leaders of today, not tomorrow- MDC-99 Leader

MDC-99 President Job Sikhala recently told youths to desist from being dependent on their elder counterparts in political spheres but rather envy being influential You are leaders of today, not tomorrow- MDC-99 Leader members within their political parties.

Addressing youths at the World Youth Day for Democracy organized by the Zimbabwe Organization for the Youths in Politics, Job Sikhala hinted youths not to be content by saluting other political figures but rather aim at being saluted by other party members. ''As youths never salute any man but rather envy to be saluted by other party members,'' hinted Sikhala. Sikhala also added that youths should not just be mere political supporters but be political players who can influence efficient change with great rewards to the youths at large.

''Make it a point that you are political players who can implement change with great rewards to the youths than being mere supporter who die in poverty,'' said Sikhala. MDC-99 leader also told youths that they should learn from him if they are to make an impact in the political world, Sikhala revealed that as a twenty four year old in 1997 he refuted that they are the leaders of tomorrow but of today and added that if youths were to wait for tomorrow one will wait till Jesus Christ comes for the second time. ''In 1997 as a twenty-four year old I refuted that we are leaders of tomorrow, but of today and I tell you if you wait, you will wait till Jesus Christ comes for the second time,'' said Sikhala.

Sikhala discouraged youths from being used by their elder counterparts in perpetrating violence, as they should use the time useful to solve other issues.

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