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Chiredzi youth promise to score goals for democracy
Youth Forum
November 08, 2012

In a 'Score a Goal for Democracy' Tournament held in Chiredzi in Tshovani, the youths from Chiredzi promised to register as voters and vote in all forthcoming elections in a peaceful manner.

[Youth] Score a Goal for Democracy' tournaments are sport tournaments held by the Youth Forum through its elected leadership across the country to try and encourage fellow youths to register as voters as well as participate in elections in a peaceful and meaningful manner, by turning out to vote and not to engage in violent activities.

The Forum has distributed soccer kits, soccer balls, volleyballs and netballs across the country to boost the hosting of such tournaments which have seen tremendous success in encouraging young people to register as voters and peacefully participate in elections.

Speaking at the Chiredzi Score a Goal for Democracy Tournament, the Youth Forum Masvingo Province Chairperson, Mr Marko Shoko said, "This has been a great success, with over 80 players involved, we expect them not only to score in these social sports, but also score even more goals for democracy by not only registering to vote, but encouraging their peers also to register and eventually vote."

"We are going to have similar tournaments in all the other districts of Masvingo Province and the other provinces as well where we expect to encourage more young people to desist from violent behavior, but encourage each other to vote for their respective parties"

Teddius Chevese, the soccer tournament's top goal scorer was exhilarated by the program, and said he would use his goal-scoring prowess to motivate other youths from the region to vote, "I scored 5 goals in this tournament, and now my goal is to assist 5x5, or 25 more young people to score goals, but this time for democracy by registering as voters and voting".

Netball's best player, Isolation Muchenje also reiterated the importance for other young females to be involved in elections, highlighting the importance of a peaceful environment in the country for the full participation of young women.

The tournaments have assisted many young people with information they need to know before registering as voters and many youths have since registered as voters.

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