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Chitungwiza Community Bulletin - November 2012
Chitungwiza Community Development Network
November 05, 2012

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A Chitungwiza man earn a living through plastic waste recycling

A Chitungwiza man is earning a living through recycling of plastic waste materials. The man, Innocent Chasvinura (40) of Unit L, Seke in Chitugwiza is now relying on plastic recycling for survival. Innocent and his family collects plastic waste materials that include broken dishes, jugs, cups, plates and other plastic containers which they put into his home made chippers that are used to crush these used plastics into chips. The chips are sold in local market at US $0.80 a kg. He can also process the chips to make pellets which are also sold at US $1.20 a kg. He uses his home made extruder to turn the chips into pellets. The chips and the pellets are used to make irrigation pipes, dishes, bins, blow pipes and other plastic containers. The recycling project is the source of income for his family. He has man-aged to buy residential and commercial stands using proceeds from the re-cycling project. "When its good season I manage to fetch more than US $6,000 a month," said Innocent. He started his project in 2004. Innocent is welder and learnt his welding skills at home whilst working with his uncle who was also a welder in Chitungwiza. The recycling machinery is made up of a 20-25 HP electric motors and scrap metal.

He is facing challenges of lack of market within Chitungwiza and sells his products among the few companies that are in Harare since waste recycling has not been fully embraced in Zimbabwe. Innocent now want to train others how to do it so that many people can venture into recycling as means of earning a living and also keeping the environment clean. "Iwant to train many people to start such recycling projects as they clean our environment and also bringing income to those involved. I also want to manufacture the machinery so that it becomes available on the local market so that those who want to venture into plastic recycling can do so with less difficulty," said Innocent.

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