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Daily voter registration updates
Youth Forum
September 26, 2012

The Youth Forum, currently running a country wide youth voter registration campaign aimed at encouraging young people to positively and, in their multitudes, exercise their democratic right of electing leaders of their choice, will be giving you a daily update of the Youth Voter Registration Campaign from the country's different provinces and districts. This daily update seeks to inform stakeholders on the registration process at each of the registration centers throughout the country.

The Youth Voter Registration Campaign, initiated in November 2010, has recorded tremendous success over the period; assisting young people from around the country to register as voters as well as urging them to encourage their peers to meaningfully participate in elections.

The main thrust of the campaign has been to provide potential registrants with all the relevant information they need to register. The information includes registration centers, requirements to register such as acceptable proof of identity and proof of residence and any other relevant information that young people need in order to be able to register.

A number of vehicles have been used to encourage youths to register, vehicles that are appealing to the target group, the young and energetic group of Zimbabweans. Such activities include sporting galas and musical road shows which were all well-attended and resulted in many youths going to register as voters.

Information coming in from Youth Forum leaders in various districts is that more and more youths are registering as we approach elections, which are scheduled to be held after the completion of the protracted constitution writing process. Observations on the ground indicate that only a few youth are managing to register without hustles, with the majority facing serious huddles which in most cases are politically motivated. The Daily Voter Registration Update seeks to capture into the public domain stories from the young people narrating their tribulations and successes at the voter registration centers throughout the country.

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